Silent tracer real time GPS Tracker Jab-tronix

3 Feb

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Silent tracer is a real time cellular GPS tracking device using the latest technology built on proven hardware and software solutions.  Hardware features include a quad band modem for worldwide use, status LEDS, an accelerometer to report harsh driving and two digital inputs for an array of sensors.  The device utilizes GPRS technology for message delivery, which brings a lower cost and more reliable method of delivery versus SMS.

Installation is simple, everything is provided with the tracker when you order.  LED lights let you know that you are installing in a good location in the vehicle for GPS and cellular signals.  We also provide videos on installation and use.

Jab-tronix tracking solutions:

Fleet tracking:

Fleet GPS tracking is all about making sure your employees are doing their job efficiently.  Unscheduled stops waste time and money.  With fuel prices above three dollars a gallon, plus employee’s salary cost mean that these devices easily pay for themselves.  If implemented properly into management plan a drastic ROI should be seen.  These devices where designed for a fleet integration with the built in accelerometer and alert system.  If an employee is harshly driving the vehicle you will be alerted, and the notification can instantly go to your cell phone via SMS.  And in addition there are over speed alerts, geofences, and stop time measurements.

Teen tracking:

Teen tracking is more important than ever.  Parents are generally liable for their teen’s actions until they are legally adults.  So it’s nice to have the peace of mind that your teen isn’t doing 90 mph on the freeway, crossing state lines, or sneaking out late at night for a joy ride.   You can make it clear that you will monitoring their driving and suspend their privileges if they cross any boundaries.

With the built in accelerometer you can monitor for harsh breaking and acceleration.  When one of these alerts is triggered a message can be sent to your cell phone notifying you of the violation.

Elderly tracking:

GPS tracking makes it easy to keep a close watch on loved ones using our solution.  Should a parent become missing after a trip, finding them will be much easier with a tracking device installed in their vehicle.  The device is capable of sending an alert after the device has been stationary for a period of time.

Personal vehicle tracking:

With theft on the rise in our down economy, vehicle tracking is more important than ever.  And if liability only insurance is on your vehicle, you won’t be reimbursed if your vehicle comes up stolen.  Put the control back in your hands with our GPS tracking solutions.

BHPH tracking:

Secure auto financing with a proven GPS tracking solution.  Don’t settle for a subpar solution that might save you twenty dollars up front, but cost you thousands in the end when you can’t locate your vehicle due to a poor quality device.  There are hundreds of thousands of our devices in the field built by a lead manufacture of GPS tracking devices in the United States.

Custom applications:

We can design any GPS tracking solution that you need.  Based on a platform of proven hardware and software and then customized to your needs.  We can supply you with OEM devices and a backend so your company can run everything in house.  Contact us for more information.

Technical Specifications:
Quad-band (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) GSM radio
LED status lights
Optional internal battery backup
Over the air reconfigurable
FCC, PTCRB certified


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